Live Cooks at Meat Smoke Fire

Live Cooks with Meat Smoke Fire

We started this series at the beginning of lockdown. Each had a theme of #SaturdayNightTakeAway, replicating take away dishes. We’ve now dropped the theme but are still doing 3 dishes in 45 minutes (or there abouts), about twice a month.

The beauty of these Saturday live cooks is you get to interact, asking questions relevant to the cook or anything to do with the Big Green Egg or your grill.

To watch the videos live and ask your questions you need to follow us on Instagram at: @MeatSmokeFire. At 11:30am on the nominated Saturday we go live. You need to log into Instagram and you will be notified we are doing a live video as soon as we start at 11:30am.

Saturday 31st December 2022 – New Year Nibbles

We thought we better slip in one more live cook for 2022 and what better than a few nibbles ready for the big night.

We’re going to be cooking:

  • Poffertjes, small dutch bite sized pancakes. They’re delicious and super quick and easy.
  • Brazillian churrasco – grilled beef skirt skewers with a smoky tomato pepper salsa.
  • Peruvian anticuchos – chicken thigh skewers with creamy aji verde sauce.

Poffertjes Dutch Pancakes

Small bite sized pancakes, super tasty and easy to make

Peruvian Anticuchos

Some of the best chicken skewers we've ever tried

Brazilian Beef Churrasco


Skirt steak skewers, with a smokey tomato salsa

Saturday 3rd December 2022 – Mountain food

To celebrate Nic taking off for a weeks skiing, we cooked some of the dishes he loves while in the mountains.

We cooked:

  • Celeriac and fennel gratin – two vegetables many people don’t like. Try this though it may just change your mind. Andrea doesn’t like either, she left with a portion to cook at home she enjoyed it so much.
  • Pan-fried duck – I love duck. Keep it simple. It’s cheaper than steak and can be just as good, if not better.
  • Balsimic and honey, griddle cabbage – some of the best cabbage I’ve eaten. I love it cooked like this.
  • Indian cheese twists – we borrowed this recipe and to be honest, it wasn’t that great. Go search out something better. 
Pan fried duck breast
Celeriac and fennel gratin
Griddled balsamic and honey cabbage

Saturday 26th November 2022 – Christmas on the Big Green Egg

Time to give you some Christmas ideas.

We cooked:

  • Beef Wellington, the Meat Smoke Fire way.
  • Smoked salmon blinis with homemade smoked salmon.
  • Chocolate and raisin biscotti.
  • Spit roast turkey on the LetzQ.
  • Chicken wings on the MiniMax in the new basket for the LetzQ Spit rotisserie.
Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington

Decadent and well worth the effort

Smoked Salmon Blinis

A stunning starter, especially if you make your own smoked salmon

Chocolate and raisin biscotti

Chocolate and raisin Biscotti

Delicious twice baked Italian biscuits

Saturday 12th November 2022 – Everything potato

We’d been out for dinner at the fabulous restaurant, Provenance Kitchen Brix and Mortar. I had a sardine starter with fennel served on sourdough toast. It was delicious and the dressing was just stunning. Therefore the first recipe is sort of a take on that. Then what would I do with the leftover potato? Well, make pancakes of course. That’s how some of these cooks come together.

This week we cooked:

Potato pancake tacos

Potato pancake tacos

Light an fluffy pancakes with a Mexican twist

Potato skins with fennel

A crispy skin with refreshing fennel

Potato and chorizo frittata

Light and fluffy but of so tasty

Saturday 29th October 2022 – Dishes for Bonfire night

This week we continued the Indian theme from last week but cooked some dishes that could be enjoyed on bonfire night.

The three dishes (plus some extra) were:

Gunpowder Chicken

Gunpowder Chicken

Crispy, spicy, warming, just perfect.

Indian Chip Butty

Indian Chip Butty

Spicy potato with a tomato chutney, so good

Indian slaw

Indian Slaw

A crunchy slaw with an Indian style dressing

Tamarind BBQ Babybacks

Tamarind BBQ Babybacks

Sweet and spicy with a tamarind sourness

Saturday 22nd October 2022 – Goatober

Everything about this week’s cook is to celebrate #Goatober. Each October, #Goatober take place, where the goat industry is highlighted and the plight of billy goats. Most male goats are euthanised at birth as there is no demand for their meat, the females though go on to produce milk. Goatober was setup to get people eating goat.

We bought a mixed box of goat meat from James at I know James, having met him when we discussed his Big Green Egg cook book. You might recognise that the book mirrors our site when it comes to the setup of surfaces. I also got to meet James at Highgrange Devon following the release of the cookbook.

We chose to make the following dishes using recipes from our all-time favourite cookbook, Curry Compendium. What was even nicer was Misty Ricardo (aka Richard Sayce), joined us for the live cook. We’ll hopefully get him to come and do some classes with us. Anyway to the dishes:

Goat Keema Peas

Goat Keema Peas

A super tasty Indian side we made with goat mince.

Keema naan

Keema Naan

Goat Tikka

Goat Tikka

Have it as a side dish or part of a curry

Sweet and spicy goat chops

Sweet and spicy goat chops

Wow, oh wow. Simply stunning.

Saturday 15th October 2022 – Vietnamese spring rolls, a Japanese rice bowl and Italian spiced meatballs

We made these meatballs a couple of weeks ago and they are some of the best I’ve come up with so we had to cook them. While out shopping I ended up being inspired by my local Asian store to do the other two dishes. They definitely don’t all go together but in their own right, they’re all stunning dishes.

This week’s dishes were:


Spiced Italian Meatballs

Spiced Italian Meatballs

Rich, warm, smokey, our best meatball recipe yet

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Made with clear rice paper wrappers, these have a crunch

Japanese Pork Rice Bowl

Japanese Pork Rice Bowl

Street food at it's best.

Saturday 1st October 2022 – Three rotisserie dishes

Several of you have asked for rotisserie recipes so here we are with three. One is an idea we took from SizzleFest, another is because we had our superb butcher here cutting up a leg of lamb for us. The last is something I have wanted to try for a while.


Rolled Skirt Steak

Italian Style Rotisserie Beef Skirt

Super tender and tasty, a great rotisserie recipe

Saturday 17th September 2022 – Sea bass, more bass, and a little more bass

We’re back from our holidays, and this week I got to go sea fishing with Martin and Steve, two customers and friends. We went to Brighton and were taken out by Robin from Brighton Inshore Fishing, I can’t recommend him enough. We met at 6am and went out on the boat. My track record isn’t good but this trip was incredible. In 3 hours we caught 18 and returned most of them to fight another day. However, we did bring a couple home for the cook.

Robin’s blog of our trip is here.

We cooked:


Tandoori sea bass

Tandoori Sea Bass

We serve this with a lightly curried fried rice.

Bass Taco

Mexican Fish Tacos

Using sea bass gives you lighter taco, simple yet stunning.

Bass Burrito

Saturday 27th August 2022 – Around the world

It’s been 3 weeks since our last cook due to classes and trip to Scotland to see some great friends. I thought I would cook two dishes that went down really well with those friends, and a new burger recipe.

The three dishes were:

Bavette with chimichurri

Bavette with chimichurri

One of my favourite beef cuts, a real winner.

Baby Octopus and Spicy Chorizo Paella

Baby Octopus and Spicy Chorizo Paella

Super tasty and a little different

Korean Bulgogi Smash Burgers

Korean Bulgogi Smash Burgers

Want a slightly different burger, then try these.

Saturday 6th August 2022 –Eastern Mediterranean / North African cook 

We love spicy food and this week’s cook was beautiful. Not only did we use the Big Green Eggs, but we also used the DeliVita wood-fired oven to make some garlic flatbreads for the kebabs. We cooked three main dishes:

Lamb kebabs

Skewered Lamb Flatbread kebabs

Who doesn't love a kebab? These wont disappoint.

Charred hispi cabbage

Hispi cabbage with pomegranate and tahini

Griddle cabbage is amazing, the dressing is superb too

Baked feta

Baked Feta

Gooey, spicy, soft, you really need to try it

Saturday 30th July 2022 – Fish week

I was supposed to be fishing this week but the weather didn’t play ball. No worries, Waitrose to the rescue. To be honest with my track record, I would have probably just gone to Waitrose anyway.

Instead of the 3 cooks we normally do, today we did 5:

Sea Bream

Asian spit roast Sea Bream

Crispy skin, asian spice, white flesh, what's not to love

Rainbow trout en papillote

Trout cooked in newspaper, so moist, so tasty.

Lobster tails with herby butter

Herb butter melted with charcoal on lobster, oh boy!

Spicy Whitebait

Hot paprika spiced whitebait, served with lime and sea salt.

Mackerel with fennel and tomato

Such great flavours, we love this, try it.

Saturday 23rd July 2022 – Asian BBQ Week

While away on holiday we found a few dishes we wanted to try:

Thai Chicken Skewers

Thai Chicken Skewers

Simple skewers with vibrant thai flavours

Asian BBQ Roasted Cauliflower

Asian BBQ Roast Cauliflower

A fiery twist on a favourite cauliflower dish

Korean Pancakes

Korean Pancakes

A vegetable pancake with a spicy dipping sauce

Saturday 9th July 2022 – Corn ribs, lamb smash burgers and La Mams tomato salad

This was a great live cook. The food was hoovered. The corn ribs are an absolute winner.

Our cooks were:

  • Lamb smash burgers with tzatziki and grilled halloumi. These were served in our homemade brioche rolls.
  • Corn ribs – you have to try these. They are simply stunning. Be careful cutting the corn though.
  • La Mams tomato salad – this is a taste of my youth. So simple but such a winner, especially with a lovely baguette.
Corn Ribs

Corn Ribs

Just stunning. Give them a go, that's it.

Lamb smash burgers

Lamb Smash Burgers

Lamb, tzatziki and halloumi, it'll take you to the Med in one bite.

La Mams tomato salad

La Mams Tomato Salad

An absolute taste of my youth. Simple and stunning.

Saturday 2nd July 2022 – Fruit on the Egg

We wanted to do a week themed around fruit but not all desserts.

We cooked:

  • a grilled watermelon, avocado and red onion salad with feta and mint.
  • a grilled pineapple salsa.
  • a flat peach galette.
Watermelon salad

Griddled watermelon Salad

This is so delicious. You have to give it a go.

Pineapple salsa

Pineapple Salasa

Fruity and spicy, it's a real winner.

Flat peach galette

Flat peach Galette

Super easy with an almond frangipane.

Saturday 18th June 2022 – Nibbles Week 2

After a 4 week break due to classes and holidays, we’re back.

We cooked the following 3 nibbles dishes:

  • Turkish Pizza – pizza boats with a lamb mince topping
  • Bitterballen – Dutch mince roux balls
  • Sweet potato wedges – crispy and spicy


A Dutch type of croquet, filled with a minced roux

Turkish Pizza

Turkish pizza

Little pizza boats filled with lamb mince

Sweet potato wedges

Sweet potato wedges

Super simple, yet so tasty

Saturday 11th June 2022 – Nibbles Week

After a 4 week break due to classes and holidays, we’re back.

We cooked the following 3 nibbles dishes:

Puff Pastry Pizza Wheels

Red Thai Turkey Bites

Spicy mouthfuls of Thai spiced turkey mince

Puff Pastry Pizza Wheels

Puff Pastry Pizza Wheels

Bite-sized, crispy pizza wheels, what's not to love?

Puff Pastry Pizza Wheels

Baby Squid with Chimichurri

We love baby squid and this is a cracker

Saturday 7th May 2022 – Beer-braised food

Fancy a dish cooked in beer? Well here are 3 of them, all cooked on the Big Green Egg with a bottle of beer or two in each.

We cook:

  • Beer-braised, smoked paprika pulled pork belly tacos.
  • Beer-braised spicy chicken burritos, with fried rice and beans.
  • Beer-braised breakfast beans on toast.
Beer braised beans on toast

Beer-braised breakfast beans

Mexican style beans on toast, cooked with beer.

Beer-braised pork taco

Beer-braised porc tacos

Sweet and spicy mango salsa, with smoked paprika pulled pork belly

Beer-braised chicken burrito

Beer-braised chicken burrito

Mexican rice and beans with pulled chicken

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