EGG Genius Power Options

Egg Genius Power Options

In the UK, the battery power pack for the EGG Genius isn’t available as it doesn’t have a UK power plug. This has meant that most people assume you need a power socket close to your Big Green Egg in order to use the EGG Genius, this isn’t the case.

There are other options out there for you to use and even better, you may even own the battery you need.

The official EGG Genius Power Bank is $49. The battery is a 3,000mAh battery. Therefore any power bank with this rating or higher, should be able to last a whole cook. I’ll do some testing and report back. 

Do you already own a USB battery pack for your mobile phone?

If you already own a battery pack to recharge your mobile phone or tablet, your are more than half way to running your Egg Genius off a battery. 

Your mobile phone battery pack will have a USB port that will deliver 5 volts, thats a standard port. The Egg Genius requires 12 volts to run. However there are cables that have a USB connection on one end, a 5V to 12V converter in the middle of the cable and a DC jack 5.5*2.1mm on the other. Sounds technical. Essentially is a cable that plugs into your battery pack on one end and the EGG Genius on the other. And it works. 


This is the cable you need. It’s available from Amazon for £6.99 and will plug into your power bank. See the product on Amazon.

If you don’t own a Power bank

If you haven’t got a powerbank you have two options:

  1. Buy a power bank that natively outputs 12volts (about £40)
  2. Buy a normal phone power bank and the 5volt to 12 volt cable. (about £12.99 for the power bank and £6.99 for the cable).

The power banks that support 12volts natively are expensive compared to buying the two parts. I’d therefore go for option 2. A standard power bank will have a higher capacity, this one has over three times the capacity of the native 12v power bank. 


This is a native 12V charger. It works just fine but has a lower battery capacity only matching the Big Green Egg Genius battery pack at 3,000mAh.