Buying a Big Green Egg

Official Reseller


Get Extra Value when you buy your Big Green Egg

We’ll add some extra value to your Big Green Egg order.

With the EGG you cook to temperature so we’re going to add a free digital thermometer of one kind or another with your Egg purchase.

With Every Big Green Egg purchased at the full recommended retail price we’ll add the following free of charge:

  • A Thermapen Professional for all orders between £780 and £999.
  • A Meater+ for all orders between £1000 and £1500.
  • A Thermapen Professional and a Meater+ for all orders between £1500 and £2500.
  • A Meater Block for orders over £2500.

Thermapen Professional (RRP £68.40), Meater+ (RRP £99), Meater Block (RRP £279)


Buying A Big Green Egg

We can give you the advice you need to buy the right Egg for you. There is no one with more cooking, and technical experience of the Egg, in the UK.

There are no other resellers doing live cooks for you to join in with, for free each week. There’s no one putting more back into the Big Green Egg community than us.

Don’t buy until you’ve talked to me, I’m more than happy to advise you and get you a highly competitive price. Call me on 07446 960303.

Which Sized Egg?

I’m more than happy for you to contact me and discuss, which sized Egg is best. Be wary of going on the American Big Green Egg forums as they more often than not tell you that the XL is the right size for you. Things are different in the US though, they tend to have a very limited repertoire of cooks and charcoal is a lot cheaper. The Americans as a whole cook lots of pork shoulders (pork butts in their language), ribs and briskets. All of those cuts are significantly cheaper than we buy them for and brisket is completely different, it’s much fattier as their stock is corn fed. They load up their grills and that’s about all the majority will ever cook.

In the UK the Large size Egg is by far the most popular and has the most accessories available for it. It’s also the most forgiving Egg to cook on in my opinion. Just look at the recipes on this site to see what I use my Egg for, very rarely is it a pork shoulder, a brisket or a rack of ribs.

The MiniMax is also brilliant, I own four of these as well. I wouldn’t be without it as it can be moved and taken on the road. One of mine lives inside my camper van most of the time or is used at cooking classes around the UK.

Where should I buy it and how much should I pay?

Give me, Nic, a call on 07446 960303 and I will be more than happy to quote you.

My Big Green Egg cookery school is now setup as a reseller and I can get an Egg delivered to you (free delivery), just as any of the other resellers can, direct from Big Green Egg themselves.

I can also offer you a try before you buy if you want to come and visit me (please arrange an appointment). I’d be more than happy for you to call me or email me and ask my advice on which Egg would be best for you and also more than happy to quote you.

Give me a video call

We’re setup here at the Meat Smoke Fire cooking school with most sized Eggs and most key accessories.

If you would like to give me a call or a video call, I would be more than happy to talk you through your choice. 

Personally I believe in starting small and adding further accessories when you have got to grips with what you have.

We’re set up as a Big Green Egg reseller and can sort you a great deal.

Call me on 07446 960303 and we can arrange the best way to have a video call.

Aprons - Nic