RB73 Woodburning Stove

Extend your evenings outside with your friends and family this summer.


RB73 Outdoor Woodburning Stove

We’ve recently added the RB73 stove to our outdoor setup. We wanted something that would take the chill off and also look fantastic.

A firepit would be the obvious choice, we already have one. However, they tend to spit embers and no matter which side you sit, you’re always chased by the smoke and come away stinking.

The RB73, being enclosed, keeps all of the wood inside and also has a flue to take the smoke way above head height. Both of these features make the whole experience much, much more pleasurable.

The flue has a simple baffle valve that allows you to control the airflow, turning the stove down. You’ll need it as this thing kicks out a serious amount of heat.

We selected the RB73 XL Mobile, it’s on casters and we can move it around our patio so easily. It was about £1,700 although prices for anything made from steel are changing fast as the raw materials have more than doubled in costs during 2020-2021.

If you’d like details and pricing of these, fill in the contact form below and Nicola from Morley will get back to you. It’s where I bought mine. We will get a small referral fee if you do it through the form, it really helps our business.