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Beef Recipes


Beef cheek Croquetas

Crispy, crunchy, beefy and rich, a great snack


Dirty Skirt Fajitas

The only way to cook these amazing fajitas on the Egg

Dirty Steak

Dirty Steak

Don’t knock it, try it. Turn a good steak into a great steak. Dirty is the only way to go.

Bone Marrow Potato Dauphinoise


Rich and creamy with added beefiness from the melted bone marrow.

Rib of beef

British grass-fed Brisket

Proper barbecue, the hardest cook of them all. When you get it right, oh boy!


Revers seared Picanha

A Brazilian that is just epic. The best steak there is.

Brisket on the bone

Brisket On the Bone

Smoked low and slow with just a salt and pepper rub, this brisket is fabulous.

Rib of beef

Roast Rib of Beef

The quintessential roast dinner. You just can’t beat this.