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Beef Recipes


Beef cheek Croquetas

Crispy, crunchy, beefy and rich, a great snack


Dirty Skirt Fajitas

The only way to cook these amazing fajitas on the Egg

Dirty Steak

Dirty Steak

Don’t knock it, try it. Turn a good steak into a great steak. Dirty is the only way to go.

Bone Marrow Potato Dauphinoise


Rich and creamy with added beefiness from the melted bone marrow.

Rib of beef

British grass-fed Brisket

Proper barbecue, the hardest cook of them all. When you get it right, oh boy!


Revers seared Picanha

A Brazilian that is just epic. The best steak there is.

Brisket on the bone

Brisket On the Bone

Smoked low and slow with just a salt and pepper rub, this brisket is fabulous.

Rib of beef

Roast Rib of Beef

The quintessential roast dinner. You just can’t beat this.

Brisket Kebab

Smoked Brisket Kebab

This isn't quick and dirty, but it is splendid

Albondigas Burger

Albondigas Burger

A slightly different take on a burger, tasty though


Albondigas Spanish Meatballs

Served as a tapas, these meatballs are delicious