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Which rotisserie should you buy for your Big Green Egg?

A comparison of the LetzQ Spit and the Big Green Egg Rotisserie

Which rotisserie should you buy for your Big Green Egg?

If you live in Europe, including the UK, you can choose which rotisserie you should buy for your Big Green Egg. 

LetzQ has been selling the LetzQ Spit for the last 5 years. Big Green Egg has just launched its rotisserie (December 2022). Both are excellent products.

There is also the Joetisserie from Kamado Joe. It’s been on the market the longest, but its design isn’t a great fit on the Big Green Egg, you wont get the same seal. I have done a comparison between the LetzQ and the Joetisserie and it’s on YouTube.

LetzQ Spit, BGE Rotisserie

So what are the differences between the LetzQ Spit and the Big Green Egg rotisserie?

It turns out there is very, very little difference indeed, and that’s a good thing, the LetzQ is a superb product and Big Green Egg has now launched something very similar.

  • The main difference is the spits have motors on different sides.
    • The LetzQ Spit has the motor on the left,  meaning you lift the spit on and off the Egg right-handed.
    • The Big Green Egg rotisserie has the motor on the right,  meaning you lift the spit on and off the Egg left-handed.
    • You lose working space to the motor, so if you tend to do your prep on the right of your Egg, the LetzQ may be the better choice.
  • The motors are both made by the same manufacturer and have identical specifications. The internal motor gearing is the same part so both will be able to turn the same loads. The US version is a different motor due to their voltage being 110V as opposed to our 240V.
    • The Big Green Egg motor is labelled with instructions not to use it in the rain even though it, and the LetzQ motor, are both IPX4 certified. I have used my LetzQ Spit in the rain many times.
  • The rotisserie rings are the same construction, both of powder-coated steel. The dimensions are identical. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are made in the same factory. Obviously, each rotisserie ring is badged with the respective brand.
  • The spits and the spit forks are almost identical; the Big Green Egg’s version has a slightly longer handle that is smooth, the LetzQ has some ridges. Both handles can be removed and the spit used with the LetzQ Spit Holder.
  • The LetzQ Spit is shipped with a spanner to tighten the fork thumb screws, the Big Green Egg isn’t.
  • Big Green Egg only sell the rotisserie for the large and extra-large Eggs, LetzQ have rotisseries for both of these sizes as well as the Medium, and MiniMax Eggs.
  • Pricing of the LetzQ Spit is significanctly cheaper.

In conclusion

Both products are almost identical with the exception of which side the motor is mounted. Both are excellent products and I am happy to recommend both.


I am the UK’s sole distributor of the LetzQ Product range and have been since 2020. I am also one of the leading Big Green Egg resellers in the UK.



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