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Fish Recipes

Home Curing - smoked salmon

Cold smoked Salmon

So delicious, you must try this at home.


Mackerel, Potatoes and warm salsa

Fresh line caught mackerel served with a picante salsa on sautéed potatoes. Simple but stunning.

Thai Mussels

Thai Mussels

Give these mussels and clams a go. Such a quick but rewarding dish.

Sautéed Squid

Salt and pepper Squid

An absolute treat, served with sweet chilli dipping sauce

Grilled Sea Bream

Griddled Sea Bream

With its skin crisped, this bream just flakes off the bone. A real show stopper.

Salmon on a plank

Plank smoked Salmon

Hot smoking salmon can give it a very delicate smoked flavour

Sardines on sourdough

Grilled Sardines on Sourdough toast

Served with burnt lemon, such a simple yet super tasty dish

Mackerel with Burnt Lemon

Mackerel with burnt lemon

Day a fishing trip and you can't fail to catch mackerel in the summer. So delicious.


Langousine Tapas

Langoustines with a smokey tomato sauce

Lobster tails

Grilled Lobster

Go on, treat yourself, you wont regret it