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Zingy Slaw

Zingy Coleslaw

Crispy and zingy with a hint of chilli

Padron Peppers

Grilled Padrons

Super simple and such a great appetiser

Onion Bhajis

Onion Bhajis

We love these, crispy and just like they're made in India

Bone Marrow Potato Dauphinoise

Bone Marrow Potato Dauphinoise

Dauphinoise taken up a notch with melted bone marrow

Mini Roasties

Mini Roasties

A firm favourite in our house, they don't last long

Cauliflower, truffel and black sesame

Truffle and sesame Cauliflower steaks

Such a surprisingly good taste, a must try

Aubergine dip

Smoked Aubergine and Tahini Dip

A vegan recipe every none vegan will love

Smokey roast butternut squash soup

Roast Butternut Squash Soup

Thick and creamy, spicy and warming

Spicy bean burger

Spicy Bean burgers

Better than a beef burger, maybe?

Butternut Squash Curry

Squash, chickpea and spinach curry

Who needs meat in a curry when it's this good

Smokey roast butternut squash soup

Sweet Crispy Kale

If you like crispy seaweed from the take away, try this


Spanish Tortilla

A Spanish tapas dish that everyone loves

Baked Potato

Ultimate Baked Potato

So much nice than doing them in the oven

Courgette and Aubergine Salad

Aubergine and Courgette Salad

A delicious griddled salad for those summer BBQ's

Harissa Cauliflower

Hartissa baked Cauliflower

Spicy, rich and a great way to really enjoy roast cauliflower


Potato Dauphionoise

A true classic that works so well on the Egg



A summer BBQ isn't complete without this Guacamole

Falafel and Aubergine dip

Crispy sesame Falafel

Roasted, not fried and still lovely and crispy

Nandos Rice

Nandos style Rice

Slightly spicy rice cooked in stock to flavour it


Toasted Corn Salsa

Refreshing, zingy, packed with simple flavours


Spicy griddled Sweetcorn