VLAZE Adapt Outdoor Kitchen Modules

Here at Meat Smoke Fire we have upgraded our outdoor kitchen to use the VLAZE Adapt range. These are beautiful free-standing units, designed to be used either inside or outside. We’ve got one of each of the range so that you can visit and see what the fuss is all about. 

They are built with a stainless steel core and finished with vitreous enamel panels and surfaces in a range of five colours. They can be tailored to have cutouts for your Big Green Egg and can even have a sink and tap fitted. We have Egg cutouts in each of our units and have a sink and tap fitted to our Adapt 240 for handwashing while we run classes. 

The vitreous enamel surfaces are heatproof, hygienic, stain-resistant and most importantly, beautiful.


Made in England on the Isle of Wight, these are the perfect homegrown solution to your outdoor kitchen needs.

If you’d like to come and view them, just contact us and we can book an appointment with you.

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The VLAZE Adapt Range

VLAZE Adapt 120

Designed to allow food preparation and storage, this smaller unit is perfect for a Big Green Egg where space is an issue. 

The modular kitchen unit is 120cm wide, 90cm tall and 70cm deep. You can have it with or without a cutout for an Egg. 

VLAZE Adapt 120
VLAZE Adapt 240

VLAZE Adapt 240

Double the lenght of the Adapt 120, this unit has plenty of space for both an Egg and a sink and will still have lots of space for food preparation. 

We’ve ordered one of these units in Graphite with a sink set into the left hand cupboard, and an Egg with workspace either side. The stainless cupboards are perfect for storing your cooking surfaces and even placing hot surfaces when they come off the Egg. 

VLAZE Adapt Island

Who wouldn’t want to sit at this bar and have dinner served to you? Whether you put an Egg into this or not, it’s a lovely piece of garden furniture.

We have one of these fitted with an Egg over the left-hand cupboard. You’ll be able to enjoy a cooling drink while you’re with us at the cookery school.

VLAZE Adapt Island