Live Cooks at Meat Smoke Fire

Live Cooks with Meat Smoke Fire

We started this series at the beginning of lockdown. Each had a theme of #SaturdayNightTakeAway, replicating take away dishes. We’ve now dropped the theme but are still doing 3 dishes in 45 minutes (or there abouts), about twice a month.

The beauty of these Saturday live cooks is you get to interact, asking questions relevant to the cook or anything to do with the Big Green Egg or your grill.

To watch the videos live and ask your questions you need to follow us on Instagram at: @MeatSmokeFire. At 11:30am on the nominated Saturday we go live. You need to log into Instagram and you will be notified we are doing a live video as soon as we start at 11:30am.

    If you’d like to request a cook email me. Fill in the form below:

    Saturday 18th December 2021 – A few more Christmas ideas

    We thought we might help with a few ideas for BBQ’d Christmas dishes.

    This week will cook:

    • Bubble and squeak with crispy bacon, poached egg and a hollandaise sauce.
    • Salmon en croute – who doesn’t love a light fish pie. We’ll add some spinach, and mushrooms.
    • Chocolate and coffee biscotti – we love biscotti on the Egg and so we thought we’d try a different flavour, probably one for Mrs MeatSMokeFire as I’m not a coffee lover.

    Saturday 11th December 2021 – Christmas nibbles

    We thought we might help with a few ideas for BBQ’d Christmas nibbles.

    This week we cooked:

    • Curried vegetable rolls, we’ve done these before but they’re an absolute winner. There’s no meat and they don’t need it.
    • Caramelised onion and black pudding sausage rolls.
    • Bacon and parmesan twists – you could use pancetta instead.
    • Baked camembert in sourdough with garlic, rosemary and nduja.

    Curried Potato and Pea Rolls

    A stunning alternative to a sausage roll

    Cheese and bacon twists

    Cheese and bacon twists

    Perfect Christmas nibbles

    Baked camembert

    Loaf Baked Camembert with nduja

    Saturday 4th December 2021 – Wings week

    Who doesn’t like chicken wings. There are so many ways of cooking them and so many recipes, so we thought we’d dedicate a week to just wings.

    We’re planning:

    Korean Chicken Wings

    Korean Chicken Wings

    The best chicken wings you'll ever taste

    Szechuan wings

    Szechuan Wings

    Szechuan pepper numb the tongue with these beauties

    Thai Chicken Wings

    Thai Chicken Wings

    Ko Phan Bang, superb Thai style chicken wings

    Saturday 27th November 2021 – MiniMax week

    We sold a few MiniMax this week so thought we’d do the whole cook during storm Arwen on our 3 MiniMax.

    Here’s what we cooked:

    • French Onion Soup – you just can’t beat it.
    • Yakitori chicken skewers – using the LetzQ on the MiniMax.
    • Blueberry pies – why not bake on the MiniMax.
    French Onion Soup

    French Onion Soup

    Rich, warming, a real winter pleaser

    Saturday 20th November 2021 – A taste of the mountains

    Anyone else missing mountain food? It’s too long since I’ve been skiing so I thought I would cook a couple of dishes you’d normally get in a moutain restaurant.

    Here’s what we cooked:



    A real winter warmer from the Savoie region of France

    Confit de canard

    Confit de Canard

    Duck confit cooked on the Big Green Egg

    Mountain Carrots

    Dirty Mountain Carrots

    Carrots cooked dirty and then with herbs and honey

    Saturday 13th November 2021 – Let’s do Christmas

    We’re going to give you some ideas for Christmas but we’re not going to do the full Christmas dinner. We’ve got my sister-in-law, Sarah, joining me to cook, after all Christmas is a family thing.

    Here’s what I’m thinking:

    • Dry brined, spit roast turkey – we’ll talk about how to cook it normally too.
    • Smoked salmon baskets – I think we did them last year but they’re so good they’re worth doing twice. I’ll also show you how to cure and smoke your own salmon, it’s well worth it.
    • Mulled rum cider – Christmas in a glass. We did this during the week and it’s stunning.
    • Braised red cabbage – I love this at Christmas.
    • And maybe something else with sprouts, we’ll see.
    Christmas Turkey

    Christmas Turkey

    Whether it spit roast or just roasted, we have the recipe

    Smoked Salmon Baskets

    Smoked Salmon Baskets

    These really showcase your home cured and smoked salmon

    Mulled Rum Cider

    This is Christmas in a glass. Stunning

    Saturday 6th November 2021 – Pintxos

    Pintxos are the tapas of the Basque region of Spain. Pintxo just means a small dish and if you visit San Sebastián, you’ll find bars where the counters are covered in hundreds of different small dishes to try with a glass or two of wine.

    We’re going to cook some classics:

    • Croquetas de Jamón Serrano – crispy bites with a gooey centre but there is no cheese or potato in these.
    • Patatas Bravas – mad differently everywhere, these are mini roast potato chunks with a tomato sauce and often some garlic aioli.
    • Pinchos Morunos – pork loin skewers, marinated in flavours from the Moors.
    Croquetas De Jamón Serrano

    Croquetas de Jamón Serrano

    An absolute staple of Tapas or Pintxos

    Patatas Bravas

    Patatas Bravas

    A dish that should be in every tapas meal

    Pinchos Morunos

    Pinchos Morunos

    Skewer for tapas, with Moorish North African flavours

    Saturday 30th October 2021

    It’s cooled down, the leaves are falling and the clocks change. Time for a nice warming stew. A while back a friend Reuben gave us a Muntjac deer he’d shot. The whole thing filled less than 1/2 a standard carrier bag. Anyway, we decided on a dinner with a stew made from the shoulder.

    We also tried something a little different, cooking the stew in a dutch oven on the MiniMax, not normally possible as you can’t shut the lid. Here we used the dutch oven directly on the coals and it worked a treat.

    The dishes we cooked were:

    Venison stew and herby dumplings

    Venison stew and herby dumplings

    Rich, decadent, a real autumn dinner winner

    Pomme Anna

    Pomme Anna

    A delicious layered potato dish

    Sweet and spicy beetroot

    Sweet and spicy beetroot

    Beetroot with chilli and balsamic

    Saturday 23rd October 2021

    We felt it was time to embrace Autumn and the cooler weather we’ve had for the last few days. So here are some comforting foods:

    Chicken and ham pie

    Chicken and ham pie

    Who doesn't love a pie. Give them a try.

    Bone Marrow Potato Dauphinoise

    Bone Marrow Potato Dauphinoise

    Dauphinoise taken up a notch with melted bone marrow

    French almond plum cake

    French Almond Plum Cake

    Gooey, soft, sweet, my kind of cake

    Saturday 16th October 2021

    After a summer of live group cooking classes we’re back. It was really exciting to do the live cook this week and the feedback was once again really lovely.

    This week we cooked:

    • Chicken Tikka No.42 – we had to do a chick now the LetzQ Tandoor is back in stock and so many of you have bought it. I can’t wait to see all of your creations.
    • Lahmacun – a Turkish pizza style street food wrap with lightly spiced lamb mince and a fresh salad.
    • Individual Apple Crumbles with Rumtopf – slight boozy, but very tasty. Everyone will love these.
    Chicken Tikka Curry

    Chicken Tikka No. 42

    A rich, satisfying curry, made with chicken thighs


    Lahmacun Turkish Pizza

    A lovely Turkish street food snack, and so easy

    Mini Apple Crumble

    Mini Apple Crumbles

    Miniature crumbles with apple and rumtopf

    Saturday 11th September 2021 – Thai with Nick and Nic

    We did a bit of a special live cook this week. We had Nick visit from KAB Brighton and do us three superb Thai dishes. This cook is a little different from the norm, as some of the ingredients will be harder to get hold of. Try and find a local Asian supermarket and give it a go though, the results are well worth the effort. Alternatively, come on one of our Thai cooking classes in 2022, they are released through our newsletter.

    The three cooks we did were:


    Khua Kling – Thai Dry Meat Curry

    Khua Kling Thai dry meat curry

    A fragrant dry curry, you have to try it

    Grilled Oyster Mushrooms

    Thai Grilled Oyster Mushrooms

    Meaty, but oh so tasty

    Thai Chicken

    Thai Grilled Chicken

    The spices are subtle, the baste sweet

    Saturday 6th August 2021 – ‘Not class’ day

    This weekend should have been our first two cooking classes in 20 months due to COVID. Sadly one of us was pinged and so the classes had to be cancelled. So let’s do a live cook instead.

    We’re cooking:

    Chicken breast stuffed with black pudding and nduja

    Nduja and black pudding stuffed chicken

    A bit spicy, rich and wrapped in bacon, what's not to like

    Crispy pork chops

    Crispy Pork Chops

    The best way to crackle your pork chops

    Harissa Cauliflower

    Harissa Cauliflower

    Baked cauliflower is a triumph.

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