Live Cooks at Meat Smoke Fire

Live Cooks with Meat Smoke Fire

We started this series at the beginning of lockdown. Each had a theme of #SaturdayNightTakeAway, replicating take away dishes. We’ve now dropped the theme but are still doing 3 dishes in 45 minutes (or there abouts), about twice a month.

The beauty of these Saturday live cooks is you get to interact, asking questions relevant to the cook or anything to do with the Big Green Egg or your grill.

To watch the videos live and ask your questions you need to follow us on Instagram at: @MeatSmokeFire. At 11:30am on the nominated Saturday we go live. You need to log into Instagram and you will be notified we are doing a live video as soon as we start at 11:30am.

    If you’d like to request a cook email me. Fill in the form below:

    Saturday 31st July 2021

    This week we cook a dessert Lexie made last week, a starter we just love, and a new dish for us.

    • Warm pigeon salad – pigeon breasts are very much underrated, we love them warm on a salad.
    • Stuffed baked sweet potato – stick sweet potato stuffed with super tasty veg.
    • Crunchy chocolate chip cookies – made with rice flour for a bit of extra crunch.
    Stuffed Sweet Potato

    Warm pigeon breast salad

    Such an underrated red meat, so, so tasty

    Stuffed Sweet Potato

    Chickpea stuffed sweet potato

    Flavour and texture added to sweet potato

    Lexie's cookies

    Lexie's Crunchy Cookies

    Crunchy with extra crunch, this isn't gooey.

    Saturday 23rd July 2021 – A bit of a mix

    There’s no real theme this week, just a few dishes we have enjoyed over the last few weeks on our holidays.

    We’ll cook:

    • Dirty Nduja Scallops – spicy Italian sausage paired with scallops, cooked in the shell on the coals.
    • Yaki Udon – why not get the wok and some noodles cooking.
    • A-Pollo-11 chicken – a new rub from LuncheonMuncheon. We managed to be at the launch of this rub, by chance and then this week Jeff Bezos took his rocket into space. It just seemed like a good idea.

    Dirty Nduja Scallops

    Gems of sweetness paired with spicy Italian sausage

    Yaki Udon

    Yaki Udon

    Who doesn't love stir fried noodles?

    Saturday 26th June 2021 – Picnic week

    We thought we would cook up a few dishes you could take on a picnic:

    • Bacon and cheese scuffins – you have to try these, they’re delicious.
    • Pizzetta – small pizzas, ideal for a picnic.
    • Meringue for a pavlova – this recipe is from Sue Stoneman. Give her a follow, she’s a fabulous cook.
    Pizza with nduja


    Small individual pizzas, perfect for a picnic

    Cheese and bacon scones

    Cheese and bacon Scones

    Are these yummy scones or should they be called scoffins?

    Saturday 19th June 2021 – Father’s Day

    A cook to celebrate the dads and what they’d probably want to be eating.

    • Loaded potato skins – baked jackets with cheese, bacon, jalapeno and some spring onion.
    • Tomahawk steaks cooked two ways – a sear on a cast iron grid, and a reverse sear on a cast-iron plancha, there’s always more than one way to do something.
    • Smokey mash – rich, creamy and slightly smoked.
    • Red spicy slaw – we serve this at our classes and it’s always a winner.
    Live cook slather board
    Loaded potato skins

    Loaded potato skins

    Who doesn't like a crunch potato skin?

    Smoked mash

    Smoked Mash

    Creamy smoked mash, what a treat.

    Tomahawk steak

    Tomahawk Steak

    Steak cooked two ways

    Red slaw

    Red Spicy Slaw

    Our favourite zingy slaw, everyone loves it

    Live cook slather board

    Saturday 12th June 2021 – Korean BBQ

    Everyone seems to love my Korean Chicken Wings so we thought we would do a couple more Korean dishes. We’re planning the following:

    Bibimbap - Korean Rice Bowl

    Bibimbap Korean rice bowl

    So, so tasty and fully of umami flavours from the sauce

    Korean Chicken Thigh Skewers

    Korean Chicken Thigh Skewers

    Sticky, spicy and sweet, these are delicious.

    Korean Chicken Wings

    Korean Chicken Wings

    The best chicken wings you'll ever taste

    Saturday 5th June 2021 – Breakfast and cookies

    Who doesn’t like a bit of street food for breakfast? So here are two dishes we love which are really simple but packed with flavour. And to top it off, some cookies.

    1. Shakshuka – a North African egg and tomato dish, great for breakfast but also pretty nice all day long.
    2. Jian Bing – this is a very traditional Chinese breakfast dish of spicy pancakes.
    3. Cornish Fairing Ginger cookies – simple but very tasty.

    Shakshuka for two

    If you like your spice, this is the breakfast for you

    Jian Bing

    Jian Bing

    Jian Bing, Chinese breakfast pancakes but I love them all day

    Ginger Cookies

    Cornish Fairings Ginger Cookies

    Really simple but oh so tasty

    Saturday 22nd May 2021 – Curry Week

    With the weather still a little chilly, we decided to do another curry week.

    We cooked:

    1. Vegetable biryani, a great rice dish, packed with flavour
    2. Mango chicken curry, sweet but also spicy, the methi leaves added at the end add a real bitterness.
    3. Vegetable samosas, a great side dish to a Big Green Egg curry.
    4. Naan, you must try making your own.

    Vegetable Biryani

    Something a little different to go with your curry

    Vegetable Samosas

    A great side dish to go with your Big Green Egg curry

    Mango Chicken Curry

    Not as sweet as it sounds, this is really worth a try


    Naan bread

    Another cooks you have to try, they're great

    Saturday 15th May 2021 – Skirt and more skirt

    Celebrating the recipes from Genevieve Taylor’s superb new cookbook, Foolproof BBQ.

    We changed her recipes a little and cooked the following dishes:

    • Dirty skirt nachos – what’s not to love about these as an appetiser.
    • Asian skirt kebabs with sesame egg noodles.
    • Chipotle wings and corn – not one of her recipes.
    Dirty steak nachos

    Dirty Skirt Nachos

    Nachos don't get much better than this

    Asian skirt noodles

    Asian skirt noodles

    The flavour the beef takes on is immense. This is so good.

    Saturday 8th May 2021 – Skewer week

    I got my hands on two great cookbooks this week, Skewered by Marcus Bawden and Cooking on the Big Green Egg. We also launched the LetzQ Tandoor Ring in the UK (and sold out instantly).

    We, therefore, thought we would do a skewer theme to the live cook. We cooked the following 6 recipes:

    Gnocchi skewers

    Gnocchi Skewers

    Gnocchi with parmesan and truffle oil

    Parmjit's chicken tikka

    Parmjit's chicken tikka

    Juicy, so tasty and a winner every time

    Duck Skewers

    Duck with a sriracha and honey glaze

    Skewers of dick with a spicy sweet glaze

    Green Tandoori Lamb

    Green Tandoor Lamb neck skewers

    Spicy and rich with succulent lamb neck fillet


    Indian Paratha

    A layered flat bread, super quick and very tasty

    Saturday 1st May 2021 – Fish week

    Lots of you requested we cooked some more fish, especially trout. So here we are, a week of fish and seafood.

    The dishes we cooked were:

    Spanish style stuffed squid

    Spanish Style Stuffed Squid

    Squid stuffed with chorizo, onion, tomatoes and rice.

    Grilled trout

    Grilled Trout

    Grilled trout on a bed baked fennel and tomatoes

    Cured plank smoked mackerel

    Quick cured plank smoked mackerel

    Mackerel, cured lightly and then smoked on cedar planks

    Saturday 24th April 2021 – Buns and baps

    We decided to make things a little simpler this week. And who doesn’t love a bun or a bap full of BBQ?

    We cooked:

    Jackfruit Tacos

    Jackfruit Tacos

    Stunning tacos with Jackfruit's meaty texture

    Korean Pork Belly Burnt Ends

    Korean Pork Belly Burnt Ends

    Spicy pork cubes with a semi-brioche roll

    Whitebait in a chorizo and onion roll

    Panfried whitebait in a chorizo and onion roll

    Crispy whitebait in a homemade roll

    Saturday 17th April 2021 – Italian Pasta Week

    People seem to be liking the idea of travelling around the world of food, while we are all unable to travel. Many of you requested pasta so how about a whole week of pasta.

    Our three dishes are going to be:

    • Lasagne, baked with a touch of smoke, just how it should be made.
    • Spaghetti Vongole, spaghetti tossed with clams, garlic, cherry tomatoes, chilli and wine. We absolutely love this dish and make it all the time on the Egg or OFYR.
    • Chestnut and pancetta ravioli with a sage browned butter. We’ll use homemade pasta to make the ravioli.

    Saturday 10th April 2021 – Greek Week

    This week we were inspired by recipes from Greece.

    Our three dishes are going to be:

    The Uk's largest repository of recipes designed for the Big Green Egg

    Garlic Bread
    Rotisserie Recipes
    LetzQ Spit with pork
    French trimmed rack of lamb
    Venison Wellington
    Game and Poultry
    Spatchcock Chicken
    Fish and Seafood
    Rasperry and almond cake
    Garlic Bread
    Breads and Pizza

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