Live Cooks at Meat Smoke Fire

Live Cooks at Meat Smoke Fire

Live Cooks with Meat Smoke Fire

We started this series at the beginning of lockdown. Each had a theme of #SaturdayNightTakeAway, replicating take away dishes. We’ve now dropped the theme but are still doing 3 dishes in 45 minutes (or there abouts), about twice a month.

The beauty of these Saturday live cooks is you get to interact, asking questions relevant to the cook or anything to do with the Big Green Egg or your grill.

To watch the videos live and ask your questions you need to follow us on Instagram at: @MeatSmokeFire. At 11:30am on the nominated Saturday we go live. You need to log into Instagram and you will be notified we are doing a live video as soon as we start at 11:30am.

Saturday 22nd July 2023 – Vegetarian week on the Big Green Egg

This week we cooked:

  • Spicy Indian paneer on super soft flatbreads with green chutney.
  • Bang Bang cauliflower.
  • Blackened onions with feta, pomegranate and pine nuts.
Bang bang cauliflower

Bang Bang Cauliflower

Such a simple buy tasty dish, delicious.

Super soft flat breads

Super soft flatbreads

Some of the softest flatbreads we have made

Spicy paneer flatbread

Spicy paneer flatbread

Paneer and green chutney on a supersoft flatbread

Charred onions with pomegranate, feta and pine nuts

A simple, but tasty appetiser.

Saturday 1st July 2023 – Flatbreads and pizza

This week we cooked:

  • Flammkuchen, a savoury or sweet German flatbread
  • Pizza in the Delivita Diavolo


A German pizza style flatbread

Saturday 24th June 2023 – Rosti Muffins, Taco Smash Burgers, and Pickled Strawberry with Black Pudding

This week we cooked:

Rosti Muffins

Rosti Muffins

A great spicy side to your BBQ

Strawberry and black pudding

Chipotle pickled strawberries with black pudding

Don't knock it until you've tried it.

Saturday 3rd June 2023 – Tonkatsu Pork, and sweet and savoury Piadina

This week we cooked:

Tonkatsu Pork

Tonkatsu Pork

Breaded, crispy pork with a stunning sauce

Pizza piadina

Pizza Piadina

All of your favourite pizza toppings in a flatbread wrap

Grilled peach piadina

Grilled Peach Piadina

Grilled peaches, yogurt and hot honey on a flatbread

Saturday 27th May 2023 – Indian Snacks

Following two great classes with Misty Ricardo, we decided to cook some Indian snacks.

This week we cooked:


Pea and Potato Samosas

Crispy, spicy and tasty

Onion Bhajis

Onion Bhajis

We love these, crispy and just like they're made in India

Tamarind chicken wings

Tamarind Chicken wings

Sweet and sour, with a little spice

Saturday 13th May 2023 – A few Asian dishes

We love more punch flavours so we cooked:

Saturday 29th April 2023 – Taco week

Tacos seem to be all the rage at the moment on the BBQ, and for a good reason, they’re simple and delicious. 

The tacos we have made today are a little more involved, but it is well worth the effort. As a result, there is just a single dish today, but it’s made up of three or four elements.

Chicken tacos with Adobo

Chicken Tacos with Adobo

Our best taco recipe yet

Saturday 1st April 2023 – Burgers with Simon from LuncheonMuncheon

We’ve talked about it for a long time, but we finally got to cook with Simon from LuncheoMuncheon. He does a pop-up on his drive service all sorts of street food and burgers. We, therefore, decided to theme this around burgers.

The three burgers we cooked were:

Korean Chicken Burger

Korean Chicken Burger

Crispy, juicy, spicy, sweet, sour, we love this.

Chorizo and Squid burger

Spanish Chorizo, squid and padron burger

Filthy Spanish flavours and textures, in a bun.

The Mexican Full House

The Mexican Full House

A spicy Mexican burger from LuncheonMucheon

Saturday 11th March 2023 – Six Nations Pies Part 2

We cooked three ‘pies’ for the remaining countries of the Six Nations. They were:

  • Irish Potato and Bacon Pie – an absolute stunner and very easy one the Big Green Egg.
  • Some Scottish haggis and black pudding sausage rolls with so Iron Bru rub – almost a pie! They were great. We’ll be doing them again.
  • French Apple Pies – individual apple puff pies with apricot and rumtopf.
Irish Potato and Bacon Pie

Irish Potato and Bacon Pie

Hearty, filling, perfect for a winter lunch.

Scottish Haggis and Black Pudding Rolls

Haggis and black pudding sausage rolls

Give these a whirl, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

French Apple and Apricot Pies

Apple and Apricot Puffs

If you like a turnover, you'll love these.

Saturday 4th March 2023 – Something different

We decided we’d go to the beach and cook. Well we didn’t actually make the beach, but we did cook on our beach BBQ, the ProQ Flatdog. We also cooked on the DeliVita wood-fired oven, our pizza oven of choice.

This week we cooked:

Turkey Kofta

Turkey Kofta

Simple koftas with loads of flavour.

Sweet potato with avocado chutney

Sweet potato and avocado chutney

Sweet, spicy, sour and special.

Sweet and spicy grilled pineapple

Sweet and spicy grilled pineapple

There's something so moreish about this.

Saturday 18th February 2023 – Balls, balls and more balls

With the Six Nations taking a break this weekend, we thought we would cook three dishes all with balls to them.

We cooked:

  • Thai pork balls with a sticky, spicy sauce.
  • Chicken ball katsu – version 2 of the sauce is much better but we need to work on the colour and consistency.
  • Japanese fish balls – using the sea bass I caught with Martin and Steve, with a sweet and sour sauce.
Thai Pork Balls

Thai Pork Balls

Spicy balls with a sticky glaze

Japanese Fish Balls

Japanese Fish Balls

Chicken Katsu Balls

Chicken Katsu Balls

Saturday 11th February 2023 – Super Bowl 2023 Nibbles

We all love some BBQ food while watching either the Super Bowl or the Six Nations. Having an extra pair of hands, our friend Cheese, meant we could go a little big this week.

We cooked:

Korean Chicken Wings

Korean Chicken Wings

The best chicken wings you'll ever taste

Pork Ribs

Smoked Ribs

Slow cooked for 6 hours until tender but with a little bite

Liz's Bingo Wings

Liz's Bingo Wings

Cooked in the bingo machine with a winner every time

Shredded Chicken Tacos

Shredded Chicken Tacos

These are such great finger food, you have to make them.

Atomic Buffalo Turds ABT's

Fiery, sweet, sticky, what's not to love about ABT's

Flatiron with Chimichurri

Flatiron with Chimichurri

Simply delicious. Flatiron is a cheaper cut you need to search out.

Saturday 4th February 2023 – Pies for the Six Nations, part 1

To celebrate the start of the Six Nations, we decided we would cook a pie for each of the countries. The first three were for the host nations of the first matches.

We be cooked:

Pheasant Pie

Pheasant Pie

We love pheasant and this pie really shows it off

Welsh Oggie

Welsh Oggie

The Welsh mining pasty, similar to the Cornish Pasty.


Erbazzone Italian Pie

A rainbow in a cracking pie

Saturday 28th January 2023 – Our 100th Live Cook

We’re back after a short interlude for Nic to go skiing (again). Even better this is our 100th live cook. As a result, we’re going back to our roots and cooking a #fakeaway, after all it was the Chinese new year this week.

We’ll be cooking:

Crispy Shredded Beef

Crispy Shredded Beef

One of my all time favourite takeaway dishes.

Chinese BBQ Pork

Chinese BBQ Roast Pork

Oh my word, this is stunning, really stunning.

Spring onion pancakes

With a delicious dipping sauce, these pancakes are stunning and so simple

Saturday 7th January 2023 – Indian Street Food

What better way to start the year than with some spicy street food:

Chicken Kati Roll

Chicken Kati Roll

An Indian wrap filled with spicy chicken

Pea and potato samosa

Pea and potato samosas

We love these as a snack and they're really worth the effort

Chicken 65

Chicken 65

Crispy chicken nuggets with a curry sauce

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