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Reverse seared Picanha

We used the technique of reverse searing as the Egg is much better at heating up than cooling down.

Using this technique, we can cook the whole piece of meat so that it is the same level of doneness throughout, as opposed to cooking it at 180°C where the outside would be well done, and there would only be a small piece cooked to medium rare.

We cooked the picanha to an internal temp of 48°C before getting the Egg up to 250°C and then searing the picanha.


Rotisserie Chicken

Cooked on the LetzQ Spit, we cooked a whole chicken over direct heat, using the Meater+ to monitor the temperature.

The Egg was set between 180-200°C and the Meater+ to cook to an internal temperature of 75°C.

The cooking time on a large chicken was around 1 hour.

We then learned about carving, cutting the breasts across the grain to make them taste more tender and moist.

Rotisserie Chicken

Spatchcock Chicken

This is a great way to cook a whole chicken more quickly. By removing the backbone and flattening the chicken, it will cook in just 45 minutes, and you can cook it over direct heat.

We cooked the chicken for about 30 minutes, bone side down, before flipping it over for the remaining time until the chicken reached 75°C internal temp.

Spatchcock Chicken

Mini Roasties

Baby potatoes, par boiled and then sauteed for about 40 minutes.

Helena used a large cast iron skillet for these, although it works perfectly well in a smaller skillet or a cast iron plancha. 

Use a bit of Maldon salt to season the potatoes and some rosemary (optional).

Mini Roasties

Zingy Red Slaw

While we didn’t make this during class, we had it with lunch. It’s a great slaw, and it contains no mayonnaise. Its acidity cuts through the richness of the picanha and mini roasties as well as adding some texture.

Red slaw

Smoked Chocolate Brownie

We smoked this brownie at 160°C for about 40 minutes, just until the middle had just stopped wobbling.

We used cherry chips to smoke it, but it was just a handful. They were placed onto the burning coals just before the brownie was put in. Our setup was an indirect cook with the ConvEGGtor, stainless grid, and baking stone. We used a 20cm x 30cm x 5cm cheap Tesco baking tin.

Smoked Chocolate Brownie

French Trimmed Rack of Lamb

Here we used the ConvEGGtor upturned with the feet pointing downwards. The point of this is that the porous surface draws the fat out of the lamb skin as it cooks. 

Rack of Lamb

Cauliflower Steaks

This technique came from Simon Rogan, originally. We’ve added the dressing following a visit to Sticks’n’Sushi a few years back. They no longer make the same recipe.

Again this was cooked on the upturned ConvEGGtor. This technique would work well with other vegetables.

Cauliflower, truffel and black sesame

Skirt, rump and rib-eye steaks – seared and dirty

It’s always fun to see what people make of dirty or caveman steak. We love it but only on certain cuts. Skirt has to be one of our favourites. 



We used our standard bread recipe to make two focaccias. Again we used 20cm x 30cm x 5cm baking tins from Tesco and put the dough in them for the second proof. 

I topped each of these breads with garlic and rosemary, and sprinkled on some salt. You could add any topping of your choice. 

The key to these is to pour about a tablespoon of oil down each corner of the tin when the focaccia dough has risen. This will get underneath and crisp up the base. 


Tarte Tatin

The finale of the day.

This is quite a simple recipe. The key is to have a non-stick pan just slightly smaller than the plate you want to turn it out onto. We use Tefal Ingenio pans with their removable handles. 

Apple Tarte Tatin

Low and Slow – How meat cooks

We talked about the tougher cuts of meat and how to cook them.

Traditional barbecue from the US was all about using these toucher cuts as they were cheap. Sadly with the BBQ scene having taken off in the UK, supply and demand now means these tougher cuts aren’t the same value they once were.

We’re talking here about:

  • Brisket – probably the most difficult cut to get right. You get better results with a bigger piece of meat, so look for a full packer cut. I normally buy from Turner and George and get a full packer cut.
  • Pork shoulder (also called a pork Butt) – great for pulled pork. Do not buy a leg of pork, this won’t work.
  • Lamb shoulder – lovely in kebabs.
  • Chuck – a cheaper cut of beef.
  • Jacobs ladder (beef short ribs) – try and buy them as rack, not individual ribs.
  • Pork ribs – cook them with the 3-2-1 method.

Remember these cuts will go through the stall as the outer layers of meat dry out. They’ll only be ready when the collagen has melted and formed gelatin, moisturising the meat. Collagen is not being melted during the stall.

Meat takes on smoke better when it is cold and wet. So put your chips and chunks in the coals where they are burning, not around the edges. Meat will take on smoke during the whole cook, but it takes on the smoke much better at the start. People will spritz their meat to keep it wet and to cool it down.


Slow Cooking Meat

Setting the temperature on your Big Green Egg

We’ve put together a full page detailing how to get the temperature right on your Big Green Egg. Remember to relax, 20°C either way isn’t going to make a massive difference.

Here’s the page: Setting the temperature on your Big Green Egg

Internal Meat Temperatures

Cooking temperatures

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