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Have you got a question about your EGG or something to do with it that you would like answered? Yes, then fire away (sorry I couldn’t resist!).

Areas I thought about covering

  • The best way to light your EGG.
  • Cleaning made easy.
  • My EGG wont get hot.
  • Dealing with a rusty daisy wheel.
  • How do I fix underbite on my Egg?
  • When do I need to replace my gasket? And how do I do it?
  • My cast iron grid is rusty and how should I store it?
  • What is the new EGGspander system?
  • Seasoning a wok for the new EGGspander system.
  • The new charcoal basket, is it any good?
  • EGG maintenance.
  • My ConvEGGtor has developed a crack.
  • Brisket and peach paper.
  • Using wood chips and chunks, how much should I use?
  • Where’s the best place to buy accessories or an EGG?


Fire away. I’ll post the name you give and the question but not your email address. I ask for it so that I can get back to you if I need any clarification.

From Ian
Hi Nic,  I would love some practical tips on using the Eggspander and also how best to cook items using direct and indirect heat at the same time/during the same cook.
I’ve recorded a video looking at the EGGspander system. I plan to do a review page also.

From Ross
How do you get great crackling on shoulder pork? I get perfect pulled pork but the crackling is rubbery and not crunchy.! 🙄
Answer: I’ve recorded you a little video on crackling a pork shoulder.

From  Ellie and Jonny
Our main frustrations with the egg are getting it lit and ready to cook on. We find it can take a long time to get going, then gets scarily flamy for a bit. Any tips on temperature control would be really helpful also!

From  Jamie
My firebox has cracked, is it covered under warranty?
Answer: Here a short video on warranty. Essentially take a photo and send it to

From Andrew
How do I clean my Cast Iron pan – its looking a bit rank! and has some build up in it.
Answer: This short video shows how I keep my cast iron pans looking great.

From Kat
What should you do if your thermometers are wildly out of calibration.  Our meaters always show hotter than any other thermometer, but always produce perfect results.
Just not sure what to trust.
Answer: The Meater is pretty accurate but the one to trust is a Thermapen Professional. These come with a traceable calibration. 
I’ve reviewed the Thermometers I would trust.

From Ben
How do you go about planning for a bbq/party when you only have one egg? I can cope with one recipe at a time but balancing a whole meal seems a bit trickier At the moment!
Answer: I always stick to my mantra, do one thing and do it well.

From John
1: What lump wood do you recommend
I’m wanting green olive lump wood.
Answer: I have tried loads of different brands. The ones I would recommend are:
Big Green Egg – I get very consisten results.
Stag – it’s lighter than Big Green Egg but burns nicely.
Whittle and Flame – a great quality product.

The ones I would say to avoid:
Green Olive, BigK and Liverpool Wood Pellets, all coated the inside of my EGG with a fine layer of ash, I can therefore assume it was all over the food too.
2: How do you fix/prevent a rusty Daisy wheel!
3: what discount on BGE products can you offer.
Answer: Drop me a line with what you would like to buy and I will quote you. 
4: what’s your favourite thing to cook on your eggs

From Paul
When cooking things in the Dutch oven/casserole dish, (OTT Chilli this weekend), does the dish need to be raised off the plate setter with a griddle to stop things burning/drying out in the pan?

From Jan
Hi there.  My favourite thing to cook is slow cooked lamb shoulder.  I would love to know the temp you cook at & for how many hours.  Do you ever cover it during cooking.
Many thanks – I have so many questions x
Answer: Take a look at my recipe for Slow Roast Lamb.

From Neil
Which eggcessories can you not do without?
Answer: I already have a page on this. Take a look at My BBQ Essentials, I really keep it simple.



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