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The Big Green Egg is one of the most versatile charcoal grills on the market, cooking in a way that will amaze you and your guests. We’ve been in love with ours for over 10 years. There’s not much we haven’t cooked on it, from traditional BBQ, to cakes, breads, and dishes from all over the world.

We can assist you with your Big Green Egg purchase, offering you the best advice out there, making sure you buy the right Egg and accessories.

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Why buy from Meat Smoke Fire?

    • You’ll be buying from people who use a Big Green Egg day in, and day out. We use the Egg at home daily, and at our cookery school.
    • We’ll give you the best advice on the right size for you and which accessories you need.
    • We’ll be here to support you when you have questions about cooks.
    • Nic worked at Big Green Egg and knows the product, possibly better than they do themselves.
    • We have the UK’s largest library of recipes and experience.
    • We don’t want to sell you stuff you don’t need or want, a bundle isn’t necessarily what you need.
    • You’ll support a small, family-run, independent business that gives back to the Egg community.
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    Get Extra Value

    We’ll always make sure you’re getting exceptional value and advice. Call us to see what we can do for you, even if it’s just an accessory or two, you might be pleasantly surprised.

    We’ve built a strong reputation through word of mouth, customers enjoying our cooking school, and our free live cooks. Our customers know we will always offer the best value. Our business thrives on referrals and repeat customers, and there’s a reason they come back. 

    Questions when you’re buying a Big Green Egg

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    How does the Big Green Egg work?

    The Egg uses lump wood charcoal as fuel.  Once lit, the vents at the top and bottom of the Egg are used to control airflow and, therefore, the temperature.  By adding or removing the ConvEGGtor, you can use the Egg to cook directly or indirectly, i.e. either straight over the coals like a regular BBQ, or with the ConvEGGtor, like an oven and smoker.

    You always cook on the Egg with the lid shut.  Remember if you’re looking it ain’t cooking!

    Which Egg should I buy?

    This depends on the number of people you’re expecting to feed regularly.  As a broad guide, cooking for up to 5 people regularly, we would recommend the Large. Beyond this, it’s likely to be an XL.

    The MiniMax is excellent for couples and taking away with you. Its small size, though, limits what you can fit in it. We take ours everywhere in our campervan and have cooked fantastic food on campsites and at the beach.

    Give me a call, and we can discuss which size I think would work best for you after I have asked you a few questions to see how you want to use it.

    What comes with the Egg?

    The Egg comes with

    1. ConvEGGtor
    2. Stainless steel grid
    3. rEGGulator top for controlling airflow
    4. Tel-tru dome thermometer
    5. Internals: fire bowl, fire ring, and fire grate. 
    6. Getting started guide – although I would argue ours is better!
    Which accessories should I buy?

    It’s tempting to think you need a lot of accessories, but this is our go-to pack. We suggest you start small with the following items, and then, if you need more, you can add to them over time.

    1. Ash tool – don’t be without one.
    2. Baking stone – you need this to make pizzas and bake cakes and breads.
    3. Cast iron half-moon grid – great for adding sear marks to steak, chicken, fish and vegetables.
    4. Cast Iron half-moon plancha – this is great for sautéeing vegetables and cooking more delicate foods.
    5. Vertical chicken roaster – cook the ultimate roast chicken in just over an hour.
    6. Charcoal – any restaurant-grade lump wood charcoal. We use Big Green Egg’s Oak and Hickory.
    What is the warranty on the Egg?

    There is a lifetime warranty on the core ceramics, the metalwork has a 5-year warranty, the ConvEGGtor and baking stone has a 3-year warranty to the original purchaser.  

    Take a look at the full details on Big Green Egg’s site

    Big green eggs cost a lot, are they worth the money?

    This is very personal.  We would say absolutely yes!  We think our customers would also agree.  There is no doubt that it is an investment (expensive ceramics and components), but an Egg is way more than just a BBQ; it offers versatility and temperature control.  Think of it as an outdoor oven, smoker and grill.  You can use it for long and slow cooks, e.g. brisket and pulled pork.  You can use it for hot and fast cooks, e.g. steak and pizza.  Helena loves to bake on it.  Once you have an Egg, it becomes a way of life.  Take a look at the recipes section with over 400 recipes to choose from, we hope this showcases what the Egg can do.

    What is the Big Green Egg made from?

    The Egg is made from ceramics.  The Eggs are produced in Mexico; the home of ceramics.  The ceramics are NASA quality, which ensures excellent temperature control and superior insulation.  It is built to last a lifetime, and has a lifetime guarantee. It could be the last grill you every buy. 

    What fuel do you use in a Big Green Egg?

    The Big Green Egg is designed to use restaurant-grade lump wood charcoal. Restaurant-grade just means charcoal that contains no chemicals or accelerants. Big Green Egg sell their own brand of charcoal and we use it here, but that doesn’t mean you can’t buy charcoal from other brands and use it just as effectively. 

    Natural lump wood charcoal will burn in a controlled manner in the Big Green Egg because you are regulating the airflow, and as a result the temperature of the Egg. One fill of a Large Big Green Egg could last up to 24 hours. Very little ash is produced. 

    You shouldn’t use briquettes in a Big Green Egg as they contain a lot of fillers to slow their burn down. They will slump when burnt, and the ash may put your Egg out.

    Can I leave my Big Green Egg outside?

    Yes you can.  The Egg is fully weatherproof and designed to be outside all year round.  We store our Eggs outside all year round without covers.  However, if you prefer, you can cover them.

    Can I use my Egg all year round and when the weather is bad?

    Absolutely, the Egg is fully weatherproof and designed to be used outside, no matter the weather.

    Helena always says there are only two things you need to cook all year round: an umbrella and a glass of wine!

    Rain, snow, wind and ice won’t affect the performance of your Egg, and there is no reason to stop you cooking in these conditions if you’re hardy enough. You’re not going to break the Egg. The only time you need to be a little careful is if your Egg has frozen shut.

    Can I use my Big Green Egg inside?

    The short answer is no!  You sometimes see Eggs on the TV being used inside, but this is in a professional kitchen with commercial extraction. The Egg is so good, though, that you’ll see it in most Michelin-starred kitchens.

    Is the Big Green Egg a smoker?

    You can use the Egg as a hot and cold smoker.  During a cook, you can add chips and chunks for hot smoking.  See our smoking section for further information on cold smoking and curing.

    How do I clean my Egg?

    Before each cook, we recommend using the ash tool to rake the coals. Then, every 5 or 6 cooks, use the ash tool again to remove the ash from the bottom of your Egg. Every 15-20 cooks, it’s a good idea to lift out the insides and give it a brush down.

    It’s as simple as that. 

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    The Uk's largest repository of recipes designed for the Big Green Egg

    Garlic Bread
    Rotisserie Recipes
    LetzQ Spit with pork
    French trimmed rack of lamb
    Venison Wellington
    Game and Poultry
    Spatchcock Chicken
    Fish and Seafood
    Rasperry and almond cake
    Garlic Bread
    Breads and Pizza

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    • Established in 2015.

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