Sustainably Sourced Wood Smoking Chips


  • Available in Oak, Hickory, Apple and Hazel
  • Completely natural, untreated with no nasty chemicals – 100% high quality British wood with nothing added but nature and time (Hickory is from Maine in the US).
  • This 3 litre tub of wood chips are split down to 10mm to 40mm small pieces of wood.
  • Add some flavour to savour for your cooking. These wood chips are great for use on the Big Green Egg or any other BBQ. Simply add a handful of chips several minutes prior to cooking or slightly less in a smoker.
  • Soak if you need to, leave dry if you don’t. I don’t soak my chips when using a Big Green Egg, there’s enough moisture in there already.
  • No need to add harsh chemicals. Keep your cooking natural and delicious with these wood chunks.
  • We make sure to post code our wood – so you know exactly where in the UK your wood is coming from. Buying from us helps to promote the positive management of British woodlands.
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