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Potato Dauphinoise

A real French classic and one I would be happy to eat far more often than I really should do. Rich with double cream, tasty with oodles of garlic and so satisfying with slices of potato, there aren’t many more indulgent dishes. Go on treat yourself. 

Doing this dish on the Big Green Egg is super easy and the slight smokiness really adds to it, the smoke and the cream just go hand in hand. It makes a great alternative to roast potatoes with your Sunday lunch. 


Cooking Surfaces



  • 1 Kg peeled potatoes, I use Rooster ones
  • 500ml double cream
  • 4-5 cloves Garlic
  • Maldon Salt and Course Ground Black Pepper


  1. Peel, then slice your potatoes to about 3mm thick. Put them into a large mixing bowl.
  2. Cut the ends off your garlic cloves but don’t bother peeling them.
  3. Grate your garlic cloves over the potatoes, the skin will remain on the grater and it can be discarded. 
  4. Pour over the cream.
  5. Add 1tsp of Maldon salt (or a little more if you like things salty).
  6. Grind in about 1tsp black pepper. 
  7. Mix all the ingredients together making sure the potatoes are all coated in cream, 
  8. Layer your potatoes into a heat proof dish, I use a glass pyrex dish. Pour over the remaining cream. 
  9. Setup your Egg for an indirect cook (plate setter feet up with the stainless steel grid on top) at 160°C.
  10. Cook your potato dauphinoise for about 1.5 hours until the potatoes are tender and the top golden brown.



I love to serve this with petite pois, my all time favourite vegetable. The cream coats the peas beautifully. 

Don’t get your Egg too hot, it will split the cream. You need to keep it to 160°C.