Bánh Mì

Bánh Mì

During an unforgettable cycling trip around Vietnam, we were keen to try some authentic street food.

We had some free time in Hoi An, so we got to explore the city and jumped at the chance to experience some street food for the first time.  The iconic Bánh Mì, Vietnam’s signature dish, also known as Saigon roll, is a sandwich filled with succulent pork or pate, did not disappoint. A mouthwatering sandwich made from crisp crusty baguette fillled with savoury ingredients influenced by the French whilst Vietnam was part of the French colony, Indochina. This Vietnamese sandwich is a delightful abundance of flavors from meat acompanied with pickled vegetables, mayonnaise and chilli sauce.

Cooking surfaces

BBQ Temperature



    • Pork belly, cut into thin strips and marinaded in Bulgogi sauce or sauce of your choice
    • 4 bake in the oven petit pains, pre-cooked
    • 1 tbsp mouli, julienned
    • 1/2 a carrot, julienned
    • 1 tsp fish sauce
    • 1 tbsp coriander, finely chopped
    • 1 tbsp mint, finely chopped
    • 1/2 Thai chilli, deseeded and finely chopped
    • 1 tsp Agave syrup
    • Juice of half a lime
    • 1 tbsp sriracha chilli sauce
    • 1 tbsp kewpie
    • Leaves of a gem lettuce


      1 hour ahead of your cook

      1. Chop your pork belly into strips and put into a bowl.
      2. Add the Bulgogi sauce or marinade of your choice
      3. Mix together and pop in the fridge for at least 1 hours to marinade.
      4. Prepare the pickled vegetable salad:  julienne the carrot and mouli.  Once the mouli is chopped, place in some kitchen paper and squeeze to get rid of the excess water.
      5. Place the chopped vegetables in a bowl, with the fish sauce, fresh herbs, chilli, agave syrup and lime juice.  Give it a good stir and set aside in the fridge until you’re ready to serve.

      To cook

      1. Take your LetzQ Tandoor Ring skewers and zig-zag them through the strips of pork belly.
      2. Set up your Egg for a direct cook with no cooking surfaces at 230°C.
      3. Take off your rEGGulator or daisy wheel, and replace it with the Tandoor Ring.
      4. Hang your skewers from the ring, and turn them once after about 10 minutes.
      5. Cook them until the pork reaches 74°C.
      6. Take the skewers out of the Egg, place on a plate to allow the pork to cool slightly and then slice to fit your roll.
      7. Now you’re ready to assemble the sandwich: spread a bit of kewpie and chilli sauce onto the short baguette. Add some lettuce. Line the bottom of the sandwich with the pickled vegetable salad and top with some thinly sliced pork belly.

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