HeaterMeter, an open source BBQ controller

Ever wanted to control your BBQ like you would your oven by just setting the dial to a temperature you want to cook at? We’ll it’s not impossible. A forced air controller can push in the perfect amount of oxygen to control your BBQ to timing +/- 1°C. These devices only work with BBQ’s such as the Big Green Egg where they have a dome or cover to restrict the amount of air getting into the BBQ.

The HeaterMeter is an open source BBQ controller. Essentially this device monitors the temperature of your BBQ using a temperature probe attached to your BBQ grid and then adjusts the temperature by controlling a fan to blow the perfect amount of air into your BBQ.

There are several forced air controllers on the market, this one thought is open source and one you put together yourself. For some of you that will sound like a challenge, for others that will sound daunting. If like me you like a bit of tech then then get on and make one.

The HeaterMeter is better than most of the off the shelf controllers as it is web enabled. This allows you not only to monitor how your cook is going from any web browser and several apps, but it also means you can control your BBQ from your browser too, setting the temperature you want to cook at from a browser.