KamadoSpace Infinite Islands

We’re always looking for quality products that fit really well within our environment here at Meat Smoke Fire, KamadoSpace is one of these products. It absolutely matches the quality of the Big Green Egg. Made from stainless steel, Hot-Dipped Galvanized steel sheet, and with High Pressure Laminate (HPL) drawer fronts, the KamadoSpace is built to perform and last.


The Kamado Space Infinite Island is the perfect home for your Large or XL Big Green Egg. With plenty of storage drawers, all of your surfaces and tools can be tucked away.

KamadoSpace Infinite Island
KamadoSpace Infinite Island
KamadoSpace Infinite Island

Integrated Drawers

The KamadoSpace unit has some very useful drawers to store all of your BBQ utensils, surfaces, charcoal, and sauces.

Below the Egg are 4 drawers to hold all your cooking surfaces and ConvEGGtor.

In the middle of the cabinet are 3 utensil drawers that can also hold wood chips, chunks, rubs and sauces.

To the right of the cabinet is a full-height drawer, perfect for storing charcoal.

All drawers have soft close mechanisms as well as full adjustability to set perfect spacing.

Utensil holders and ash drawer

Each end of the island has utensil hanging racks. The right hand end is perfect for paper towel rolls.

Inside there is a handy ash drawer into which you can scrape the ash from your Egg and then carry the whole drawer to the bin, when it is full.

KamadoSpace Infinite Island
HPL Panels

Coloured fronts to make it your own

The high pressure laminate drawer fronts (HPL) are extremely weather-resistant and easy to clean. They’re made in Austria. HPL panels are frost and heat resistant under constant temperature load -80°C to 80°C. HPL panels come printed on both sides. The core is flame-retardant and the surface is lightfast. Extreme weather protection consists of double-hardened acrylic polyurethane resins. Unlike solid wood, HPL is absolutely no-maintenance material. Abrasion, impacts, scratches and extreme temperature variations – none of these will be an issue from now on. The panel surface closely resembles traditional hardwood and even feels like hardwood when you’re touching it.

You have a choice of 5 colours as standard.

Stainless work surface

The stainless work surface is perfect for food preperation. It’s both sturdy and hygenic and gives a solid work surface on which to work. 

Easy to wipe down when you finished cooking and perfect for placing hot dishes onto, the top is just what’s needed in an outdoor kitchen.

KamadoSpace Infinite Island


The KamadoSpace Infinite Island for Large Big Green Eggs is delivered flat packed on a pallet. This is great if you live in a house with restricted garden access. Our first install was into a house where any other island would have just been impossible, this was easy though. 

Initially the XL Islands will be delivered assembled. Later they will be able to be ordered flat packed. 

We offer a service to install your KamadoSpace unit for you, but of course you might want to do it yourself. The instructions are good, but the whole process is time consuming, it takes me about 3 hours to complete one of these now I have had a bit of practice.

Give us a call if you would like a quote on the unit and installation, we’ll need to factor in where you live. 

If you’re happy to just build it yourself then you can order here. 

KamadoSpace Infinite Island
  • Infinite Island
    • Lightweight polyester cover – £210
    • Heavyweight Acrylic cover – £280
  • Infinite Island
    • Lightweight polyester cover – £250
    • Heavyweight Acrylic cover – £340
  • Full width chopping board – £300
  • Half width chopping board – £250

KamadoSpace Infinite Island (for large Big Green Egg and other 18″ Kamado grills)

Width: 1600 mm / 63 in
Depth: 818 mm / 32.2 in
Height: 799 mm / 31.5 in

KamadoSpace Infinite Island XL (for XL Big Green Egg and other 24″ Kamado grills)

Width: 2422 mm / 95.35 in
Depth: 979 mm / 38.54 in
Height: 899 mm / 35.39 in

KamadoSpace Infinite Island: 190 kg / 419 lbs
KamadoSpace Infinite Island XL: 224 kg / 493,84 lbs

For 15″/16″ kamado – 430 mm / 16.93 in
For 17″ kamado – 455 mm / 17.91 in
For 18″ kamado – 480 mm / 18.90 in
For 19″ kamado – 500 mm / 19.69 in
For 20″ kamado – 540 mm / 21.26 in
For 21″ kamado – 560 mm / 22.05 in
For 22″ kamado – 575 mm / 22.64 in
For 22″ kamado w/ air lift hinge – 575 mm / 22.64 (with extra space for hinge)
For 23″/24″ kamado – 620 mm / 24.41 in
For 21″ Oval kamado – 550×408 mm / 21.65×16.06 in
For 24″ Oval kamado – 620×460 mm / 24.41×18.11 in

Drawer colour options:

  • Olive
  • Sahara
  • Fir Platinum
  • Barrique Oak
  • Carbon Grey Weather resistant to EN ISO 4892-2

Lightfast acc. to EN ISO 4892-3
Double hardened
Scratch resistant
Solvent resistant
Hail resistant
Easy to clean
Impact resistant EN ISO 178
Suitable for all exterior applications
Bending resistant EN ISO 178
Frost and heat resistant
Constant temperature load -80 °C to 80 °C

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