Christmas 2020 Gifts for the EGGer in your life?

Christmas Sledge

If you’re buying for someone, who owns or dreams of owning a Big Green Egg, chances are they’re pretty tough to buy for at Christmas. Here are a selection of ideas of slightly different presents for them.

contact us directly first, for highly competitive pricing that will beat rrp

Let’s start by saying we’re a Big Green Egg reseller here at Meat Smoke Fire, so we can source you anything that is in stock with Big Green Egg themselves and we’ll beat their prices. So if there is something you like the look of on the Big Green Egg website, including the Eggs and tables, we can get it for you at a better price and you’ll still be buying it direct from them. Just email or call us and we can help you.

All orders over £50 receive free delivery, including the EGGs and tables.

The LetzQ Spit

Brand new to the UK is the fabulous LetzQ Spit, a rotisserie system designed for the Big Green Egg. There are four different models of varying sizes to fit most of the Big Green Egg range.

They’re the prefect way to cook the Christmas turkey too. Have a look at the video we made of us cooking a cheap, frozen supermarket turkey. It turned out brilliantly.

The spit is perfect for cooking belly pork and porchetta, where you want melt in the mouth meat and super crispy crackling.

With the addition of a basket you can grill perfect fish, spicy chicken wings or even some beautiful vegetables.

Price: £230 for the Large Big Green Egg

LetzQ Rotisserie - Turkey
Thermapen and burger


One of the key lessons we teach in our cookery school is to cook to temperature and not time. A chicken is cooked when it’s 74°C, a steak on the other hand is medium rare when it’s 57°C.

A supermarket chicken cooked to the packet guideline is probably way over 74°C and past it’s best.

There are two types of thermometer every BBQ enthusiast should own:

  • A probe instant read thermometer – we recommend the Thermapen Professional as it’s very fast to read, is waterproof for when you forget it and leave it outside, and backlit.
  • A wireless thermometer you can leave in the meat while it cooks – we use and recommend the Meater+ and the Meater Block.

Thermapen Professional £64.80
Meater+ £99
Meater Block £279

Stocking Fillers

The LetzQ range of rubs are brand new to the UK. They were developed by the LetzQ BBQ Team while they competed on the European BBQ circuit and have a proven track record.

While we enjoy making our own rubs here at Meat Smoke Fire, sometimes you want an off the shelf product to make things a little easier.

They come in four blends and can be bought individually or as a pack of 4.

Pork Rub

We also stock the Meater Bar Blade, a bottle opener and hook for the Meater or Meater+.

The Meater and Meater+ attach to it using the magnets already built into those units.

Note: there is no cutting edge on this as the term blade might suggest.

Bar Blade
Aprons - Nic

Leather Aprons

We have these aprons made for us by a business in our village, there’s nothing better than supporting a local manufacturer. They’re all hand made to our design and they include a small leather pocket to hold a Thermapen, no BBQ chef should be without one.

They’re available in two sizes, Large and XL and both feature:

  • Embossed Thermapen pocket
  • Blue contrasting neck overstrap for a soft comfortable fit
  • Towel loop

A leather apron will protect you from hot objects or flying embers.

Cook Books

Who doesn’t love a new cook book? Here are a few of my favourites.

Bar Blade
Tefal Ingenio

Tefal Ingenio Pans

These pans are amazing. We stumbled across them 10 years ago when we bought our campervan and we’re looking for some stackable pans to save space, the handles come off so they can stack.

I bought the stainless steel version originally and have since bought others. The stainless ones though are bullet proof and all I use now.

We make paella on the MiniMax Egg in the frying pans and all sorts of sauces etc in the others. I even use the suucepans as a dutch oven on the smaller Eggs.

If you are going to buy these, get the stainless ones, not the cheaper aluminium ones, they’re too flimsy for the Egg.

Extra Large Butchers Block in Teak

We use these fab butchers blocks on our live shows. They’re made of solid teak. They are double sided:

  • One side features a juice gully allowing reasting meat juices to run onto a shallow dish for addition to your gravy.
  • Flipped over there is a cut out bowl, perfect for serving pulled pork where you want all the sauce to be contained.

Drop us your name and email and we’ll send you a link to buy one from Big Green Egg at a reduced price.

Bar Blade

The Uk's largest repository of recipes designed for the Big Green Egg

Garlic Bread
Rotisserie Recipes
LetzQ Spit with pork
French trimmed rack of lamb
Venison Wellington
Game and Poultry
Spatchcock Chicken
Fish and Seafood
Rasperry and almond cake
Garlic Bread
Breads and Pizza

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  • Private classes where we come to you.
  • Focused purely on the Big Green Egg.
  • Hands on, you're cooking.
  • Established in 2015.

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