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Buying a Big Green Egg

Buying A Big Green Egg

I always say the Big Green Egg is a considered purchase. It’s a lot of money to be spending on an outdoor oven/BBQ. For me I wanted to know I was buying the Egg that was right for me, and that I was getting it at the right price. 

Which Sized Egg?

I’m more than happy for you to contact me and discuss which sized Egg is best. Be wary of going on the American Big Green Egg forums as they more often than not tell you that the XL is the right size for you. Things are different in the US though, they tend to have a very limited repertoire of cooks and charcoal is a lot cheaper. The Americans as a whole cook lots of pork shoulders (pork butts in their language), ribs and briskets. All of those cuts are significantly cheaper than we buy them for and brisket is completely different, it’s much fattier as their stock is corn fed. They load up their grills and that’s about all the majority will ever cook. 

In the UK the large sized Egg is by far the most popular and has the most accessories available for it. It’s also the most forgiving Egg to cook on in my opinion. Just look at the recipes on this site to see what I use my Egg for, very rarely is it a pork shoulder, a brisket or a rack of ribs.

The MiniMax is also brilliant, I own one of these as well. I wouldn’t be without it as it can be moved and taken on the road. Mine live inside my camper van most of the time or is used at cooking classes around the UK.

Where should I buy it?

Big Green Egg in the UK sell both online via their own website: and also through a series of dealers.

Big Green Egg themselves never discount online so it’s unlikely to be the cheapest place to buy it.

The dealers do not sell online and do not advertise any price other than RRP online. However you may be able to get a deal though, go talk to your local dealer and see what they can do. They’ll also give you excellent advice on the Egg that’s right for you. 

John Lewis sell the Egg but only in set bundles. Their staff receive little training and won’t have cooked on an Egg so they should probably be avoided.

I’d be more than happy for you to call me or email me and ask my advice on where would be best for you to buy your Egg. 


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