I’ve just had probably one of the best skiing holidays ever in Courchevel 1850. Why was it so good, well mainly as the people I travelled with were just so much fun.

My skiing is definitely getting better. I signed up with Alison to do a three day ski course. There were just 2 of us in the class for the majority of the time which was excellent. We also had a superb instructor in Huw from Magic in Motion. He didn’t fill our heads with all sorts of rubbish, instead he told us just a few things and to ‘have some fun’.

We had so much snow while we were there to spoil us. I therefore chose to snowboard for the last two days, taking advantage of huge amounts of overnight snow both days.

On our last day we headed off to Courchevel 1650 as a big group. Hilarity ensued when we all tackled a red run to the far left of the resort. With howling winds, a very narrow piste and tonnes of fresh powder we turned something challenging into a scene from a Carry On movie. We all made it down one way or another with some comedy falls and classic skiing technique.

On our finally day 5 of us tackled the Luge. This is basically a 2km piste where the Wacky Races takes place. If you ever go to Courchevel you have to try it.

Hire a luge sled from one of the many shops, we paid 6€, and then head out. The track races down the mountain from 1850 to 1650 where you finish at the bottom of the bubble car and then get to go back up and do it all over again.

We did 3 runs with ever increasing speed. All of us were sore from laughing so much, it’s just brilliant.